Godiva Corporate Training Ltd & UA Tutors.Co.Uk removing money from bank account without permission

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This company removes money from your bank account without permission and will not refund.they then ignore your calls & won't speak with you.

To get your money back you need to call your bank & ask to be put through to disputes department. Tell them the situation & that you will report them to the banking ombusman if they do not do a reverse payment back into your account. Then tell them to put a block on both UA Tutors and Godiva Corporate so they can no longer take money from your account.

Best to close the account if you want to be sure they won't take money anymore but cancel the debit card regardless.

Also report UA Tutors & Godiva to Actionfraud.police.uk

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Dr McKee has since been jailed for fraud and banned from holding a directorship. Athough he is now released, he has stated his intention to continue trading from Ireland where he has a set up a company Godiva Corporate Training (UK/Ireland).


More details have emerged concerning the alleged defrauding of students by former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Dr Vince McKee.

The Grapevine can reveal further revelations have emerged today about the former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate accused of defrauding students in Coventry. As reported yesterday on Political Scrapbook Dr Vincent McKee has been exposed in a Sky News investigation involving him stealing money from bank accounts of vulnerable students who had paid his organisation, ‘I-Cut’ for ‘private tuition’.

However following the initial allegations The Grapevine have discovered that McKee has also been fabricating information about guest speakers at his events. McKee’s organisation has advertised a seminar in March 2011 entitled ‘Business Law in the Community’ which billed local MP Geoffrey Robinson as the keynote speaker at the event. However it has emerged that Mr Robinson had never agreed to attend the event for which McKee is charging £135 per delegate plus VAT.

Geoffrey Robinson’s office has confirmed McKee’s claims that the MP was to speak at the event were fabricated, describing McKee as a ‘crackpot’ who uses ‘bombastic language’ explaining:

“He falsely associated himself with us to give himself legitimacy, he was trying to get Mr Robinson to speak at an event before Christmas, however we never confirmed we would attend and we weren’t made aware of it being re-arranged to...

“It’s also ironic that he is opposed to tuition fees but his whole company is about private fees, it’s no coincidence it is called ‘I-Cut’.”

A spokesman for Mr Robinson also discussed in further detail about how McKee specifically targeted immigrant students who ‘wouldn’t know where to go if they got ripped off’.

Sky News investigation video

It has also emerged that Dr McKee targeted The University of Warwick campus to try and recruit students to I-Cut. Peter Dunn, Press and Media Relations Manager for the University explained how McKee has put up leaflets around campus:

“He or his organisation had started putting leaflets on campus. One of the services advertised in the leaflets was for ‘proof-reading’, however we discovered there were a number of proof-reading errors on the leaflet. We binned them and he wasn’t happy”.

The Grapevine rang Mr McKee for comment, however he simply stated ‘no comment’ and immediately hung up. We have since carried out further investigations into the allegations which can be found on the grapevine website

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the same happened to me when I booked some tuition for my daughter, they took over £1200 from my account and then it took almost 6 months for me to resolve the matter with my bank.

I sent numerous emails to UAT regarding my refunds but they were not forthcoming and even tried to discredit me by tell my bank I was a liar.

Anyone wanting further information about this company pls email me at sherrym@chemist.com

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